10 Useful tips for biking in the rain

One of the most important qualities that we often see in bikers is determination. There is little that unsupported weathers can do to stop you from grab your bike out and keep your ride streak going. Not to mention that the bike lanes would be relatively less crowded than usual.

However, as a biker, we should know better than anyone about the disadvantages of biking in the rain. Hence, it’s vital to equip ourselves before starting our ride under the wet weather.
Our post will provide you the useful tips for dealing with rainy days as a biker.

Waterproof jacket and tights

It’s required to equip yourself with waterproof jacket and tight. With major advances in the clothing industry, complete waterproof wear has become a norm. Hence, it’s relatively easy to find water-resistant clothes for biking. Find yourself something that is fit and comfortable, and you’re good to go.

We all know how dangerous it is if your body fails to maintain its normal temperature. And soaking your body with rainwater and sweat in a long period of time is the fastest way to do it.
So the next time going out for biking in the rain, make sure you put on your protectant clothes.

Waterproof gloves for cycling

Aside from the clothing, waterproof gloves for cycling is the second most important equipment that I suggest you carry with, for several reasons.

As it rains down, the weather can drop significantly. By exposing your hand to the cold, you’ll risk having a lot of health issues. Not to mention that your hands could become numb from the freezing wind, making it harder for controlling the vehicle.

Make sure your hands fit perfectly on the gloves and it provides decent warmth. Moreover, the gloves should come with firm grips as the water can make your handle slippery.

Overshoes, waterproof socks, and winter boots

Keep your feet dry! That’s what my friends always tell me when going on a bike in the rain. The fact that they stay right behind your front wheel, your feet will surely get wet unless you give them protections.

A cold and wet pair of feet is never suitable for a long cycling session. You’ll be constantly bothered by the cold and discomfort until you decide that it’s time to stop and go home.
Which is why I often wear my waterproof socks and overshoes whenever going out for a ride under the rain. Using plastic bags to cover your feet is also an effective way to shelter them from the rain.

Take a look at your tires

You need to give your tires twice as much attention as usual. Wet condition reduces frictions on the road. Thus, you should make sure your tires are working properly to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Keep splash off with mudguards

Nobody like rainy weather, from the freezing cold, uncomfortable humidity, to the annoying muds. I’ve literally come back from a biking session under the rain with my whole body covered with splashes of muds.

To deal with this, I suggest you install mudguards on both the wheels. Don’t do it with only the back one unless you want your face and stomach to look like a chocolate bar.

Use chain degreaser

Rainy condition can give your chain all kinds of dirt and debris. To protect it, make sure you spray yours with degreaser solutions. I usually use WD40 or GT85 before any of my rides. You should also do it, not just only on rainy weather but also the sunny days.

Keep your head dry

The head is extremely important, which requires serious protection during the rain. However, you can’t “waterproof” the entire head. Instead, we focus on the hair which is the most vulnerable area.
I usually wear a cycling cap during my cycling session. It helps protect my head from getting wet while keeping my hair in place so they don’t block my vision.

Keep your eyes protected

Raindrops are always enemies of our eyes. They make us unable to open our eyes properly during a rainy day and consist of many dangerous substances. Hence, you should always wear cycling glasses to protect your vision during the rain.

Make yourself visible

Heavy rains greatly reduce our line of sight and our visibility. As a result, you can easily be hit by other vehicles during the rain, and vice versa. A simple solution for this is to install LED lights on your bikes and turning on the headlight so other vehicles can see you.

Avoid extreme weather conditions

As much as you love and commit to biking, it’s not appropriate to go outside during extreme weathers. You’ll never know what could happen during heavy rain. So it’s best to stay indoors and work with your rollers.

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Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.